Yoga Studio Classes - Special classes for special bodies

Whether you are a beginner, a more experienced yogi or somewhere in between, Momentum offers classes for growing, changing, special bodies.  Specializing in prenatal yoga and postpartum health, instructors are naturally passionate about accommodating effective yoga and fitness routines, while empowering people to love their body, and create community.

Breath to Baby is our signature class, offering discussion of common pregnancy topics and access to our yoga, pregnancy, birth, and parenting library!

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Private Yoga


Starting at $45/session

Due to schedules, lifestyle, or special circumstances, sometimes people just want to design their own practice under the gentle guidance of an instructor.  Shannon brings a lot of special things to private practice, including bodywork, relaxation techniques that can be applied to labor and birth, and expertise in the field of growing and birthing babies!  Private practice allows the mother space to reflect on her deepest concerns or expectations for her growing family, or address her unique changing physical self, under the guise of a professional, but open-hearted teacher. 

An initial consultation and practice is $75 and can take 60-90 minutes.  Home visits or studio space available.



Studio classes are wrapped up for 2019, but watch out for special workshops and events!