Momentum Community Doula Package


Momentum Community Doula Package

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If you live locally or travel to our Momentum Prenatal Yoga classes or Childbirth Education classes, you qualify for a Momentum Community Doula rate plus 10% off of those classes.  You must purchase 12 yoga classes or a Momentum 6 Birth + Baby Prep Series to qualify.  For about the same cost as a Private Doula package, you can opt to become a part of our class community which has the added benefits of

  • group activities with families who are also pregnant and preparing for baby
  • plenty of in-person opportunity for discussion and asking question
  • access to the Momentum free library full of books on childbirth, parenting, feeding, sleep and yoga
  • the physical and mental benefits of weekly yoga classes that are customized to your growing and changing body 
  • develop a personal relationship with our other Momentum founder, Alisa Williams.  Alisa is a childbirth educator, a nurse with over 10 years experience in labor and delivery, a natural health nut, and a private Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  In other words, she's our healthcare and breastfeeding guru!
  • Add on 12 yoga classes (+$165) and/or Momentum 6 Series (+$299) - 6 classes to prepare you for natural or interventive labor and birth with partner support plus breastfeeding, newborn and postpartum care.  Both at a 10% discount with a Momentum Community Doula contract.
I want a DOULA + Momentum Community

Package Includes

  • 1 Baby Plan home visit

  • Attendance in active labor and birth at home/hospital and immediate postpartum assistance

  • 1 Welcome Home visit

  • Evidence Based Birth® Parent Log-In

  • Free breastfeeding and parenting groups