Momentum Series: Birth and Baby Basics


Momentum Series: Birth and Baby Basics

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This is our best deal!  The entire Momentum Education Series covers your life from pregnancy through the newborn experience. Classes are flexible and accessible, as well as fun and informative.

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Purchasing the Momentum Series in full allows families to take classes on any Wednesday or Saturday that they choose, and even take classes more than once over the course of their pregnancy through 3 months postpartum with instructor approval.  Class prices include attendance for the Birth Parent +1 at any class.  This purchase includes all 6 topic classes from the time of purchase through Baby's 3rd month.  Newborns are welcome in classes and workshops that address postpartum topics.

As childbirth educators with over 20 years of experience in medical labor and delivery, as well as natural childbirth support, we have developed our own curriculum that covers birth in any setting.  As Momentum Wellness and Learning providers we believe in preparing our clients for natural, normal birth.  We also have the experience to inform them on how to make quality decisions along their birth journey when challenges arise.  Our full class curriculum also includes information about newborn care and talents, healthy family sleep, the transition from partner to parent, and breastfeeding basics and infant CPR.

Our customizable Momentum Series, is an innovative way to present childbirth and parenting preparation to modern families.  Choose 1 - 6 class topics, available with Wednesday night or Saturday options, and knock them out 6 weeks in a row, or do some Saturday intensives + a few Wednesday nights, or spread classes out through the 3 trimesters of your pregnancy - you choose!   Accessible, flexible, and convenient for First-Time Parents or parents looking to review specific topics before a new baby.

Check calendar for class dates and details. 

Class topics include:
1) Labor {of Love}
2) Support and Comfort for Labor and Birth
3) Birthing Your Baby
4) ParTners/Parents: Care of Self and Each Other
5) Breastfeeding Basics
6) Beginner Human Instruction Manual {Caring for Your Newborn}