Momentum Wellness and Learning is unique in our care model.  Pregnant parents often come to us early on for Prenatal Yoga classes.  After realizing that Shannon has a vast knowledge and experience empowering families and preparing them  for their childbirth experience, they know they want to come for Baby Prep classes, and sometimes hire her for Doula support as well.

While taking classes, expecting families meet Alisa Williams, an RN and IBCLC who has been educating new parents and the nurses who care for them for years.  They know that they will be well-supported with Alisa's expertise for months after baby is born.


Doula Support is a proven investment in increased satisfaction with your childbirth experience and decreased risky medical interventions that families commonly incur during routine hospital care.  Shannon has been serving the St. Louis area as a Doula for over a decade and has served at most of the hospitals in the area, as well as home and birth center births.  She is passionate about helping families build great support teams as well as a realistic vision and goals for their labor and Birth Day.


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Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting is the fastest growing and most effective service we offer postpartum families!  Alisa is a nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a combination of clinical experience  from her years working in a local hospital that families just can not find in local CLCs or Hospital Lactation departments who have little time and budget devoted to outpatient care.  She works with stay-at-home, or working parents with a number of goals, expectations, and parenting-styles to make sure that Baby and Caregiver are equally thriving.  Alisa write detailed, individualized care plans and follows-up with patients as much as needed until their goals are met.  Alisa works with pediatricians and physicians when appropriate and  with the parents' permission to make sure that families are receiving consistent, quality care and the breastfeeding support that they need.

In addition to high-quality clinical care, Momentum Wellness and Learning offers free Breastfeeding Meet-Ups every Monday evening at 6:30pm.  Nursing babies can bring their caregivers in for emotional support, peer connection, and a Baby weight check.  

Therapy: Body & Mind

Momentum Wellness and Learning partners with Jamie Ross Wellness for additional postpartum services including Fitness Training and Counseling Services.  Jamie Ross is a local therapist and certified personal trainer who shares Momentum values and highly prioritizes family wellness in expecting and postpartum families.    Jamie can be contacted directly through her website or you can keep up with our Calendar to find out when she is offering postpartum fitness classes and workshops.