Evidence Based Birth® is changing the way maternity care works and putting patients/clients at the center of care.  As the only current St. Louis Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Shannon is qualified to teach parents AND professionals about the importance of evidence based care.  Evidence based care means putting the client at the center of the decision-making process and helping them weigh their personal values with current evidence of risks and benefits under the guidance of their care provider's recommendations.  This approach ensures respectful communication and teamwork through highly satisfactory healthcare experiences without compromising healthy outcomes.  It's a game changer! 

For Parents....

Parents!  This is the class to take as soon as you find out the exciting news that you're pregnant, or even while you are preparing for the big changes that pregnancy will bring.  Momentum offers this class as a stand-alone option for parents who are pre-pregnancy or want foundational guidance on their pregnancy and birth choices, or it is offered within the Momentum Max Pregnant to Parent Package in combination with childbirth education and support options.

Do you want the best providers and the best place of care for your normal or special delivery?  Do you desire a respectful teamwork experience that celebrates the journey of your family?  Would you like care based on best practice evidence over outdated protocols that convenience a bottom line?  Wouldn't it be nice to know your rights as a birthing family and to be able to respectfully communicate YOUR birth plan?  Do you want to feel like you are at the center of your and your baby's care and that you are in the "front seat" of decisions made for the health and wellness of your family?

I think I know the answers to these questions.  This workshop is where your Momentum builds.  From here, you will be able to plan for your childbirth experience in the way that works for your family and optimizes health outcomes, and then move confidently forward on your journey of parenthood.

For Professionals....


This is the insider's guide to helping your clients get the birth they want!  At the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, we provide you with an insider’s roadmap that you can use with your clients to help them take ownership of their birth, talk with health care providers with confidence, and walk into the birthing room with a sense of calm—knowing that they have a supportive team that has their back!  Earn CEUs or just come to learn.  Professionals who attend will also qualify for a one month free trial of the Evidence Based Birth® Professional Membership!


In the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, we will explore these questions:

  • What does research support as the safest way to give birth?
  • What is the inside scoop on the hospital statistics and policies in our area?
  • How does midwifery care differ from OB care?
  • How can parents talk respectfully with health care staff if they feel they’re being pressured into unnecessary interventions?
  • How can you help your clients ensure that their birth plan is respected?
  • How can doulas work with partners AND nurses to help their clients feel supported?
  • What are a birthing person’s legal rights in the labor and delivery suite?



Coming in 2018!  Earn CEUs (midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, doulas) or just attend these information sessions to learn about the latest evidence and practice recommendations for our FOUR HOT TOPICS of 2018.  If you are interested in hosting or attending, please contact Shannon at Hello@Momentum-Well.com and watch for registration details coming soon!  

  • Evidence Based Care
  • Due Dates
  • Home Birth Transfers
  • Newborn Procedures