Professional Doula Support to meet your family's needs

because Babies can seem peculiar

In the St. Louis area, you have many opportunities for finding Doula Support, so we appreciate the time and effort that families put into finding the Doula who is right for their family.  Momentum Wellness and Learning was co-founded by a Doula with over 10 years of experience, so we couldn't possibly value more the type of support that a professional Doula can give at every kind of birth!  There are a few things that ALL of our Doula packages offer every family and that we suggest you look for in any Doula you hire!

  • We provide inclusive, holistic support that honors YOUR family's values and lifestyle. We do not impose our personal agenda or lifestyle choices onto our clients. We honor healthy individuality of families, including their religious and spiritual practice, their nutritional and health choices, their working-lifestyle, and their parenting choices. We look forward to helping you make a plan for your Birth Day that let's your values shine and welcomes Baby into Your world.

  • We love all birth! We're big fans of advocating for Natural Birth and we think more people should get them, which means learning about up to date birth practices and PATIENCE. Not all of our clients want Natural Birth, though - sometimes they have medical complications and can not wait for labor to begin on it's own, so ask for our help to make a new plan. Some people want medical pain management, so we educate them on the pros and cons. When plans change, we help families ask questions and get answers and we prepare them to speak-up for their own needs. We help families reach their goals, but if they change their mind in labor and birth, we support them. Our ultimate goal is that you feel in-control, supported, and safe during your birth! This looks like a thousand different stories and we won't claim to know yours before you do.

  • We're here with on-call support two weeks before your estimated due date (modified for high risk and multiples) until your Baby's Birth Day. This means, day or night, families may call with questions or concerns and your Doula will be ready to support and attend you in labor and birth. We're available before that too, but we make an effort to distinguish our on call time so that you know that any little thing that seems too big can be discussed at any time. Peace of mind is so important as you approach Baby's welcoming!

  • Professional Doula back-up is a must! We always have 2-3 back-up Doulas available while attending another client or if a personal family emergency arises. Back-up doula arrangement is a responsible and professional way to run a doula business and assures clients that someone is always available for their needs. Here's a secret - Doulas don't like to have to call back-up! We do not like it when we can't attend to our clients' needs in person, but it's a necessary responsibility and we choose back-up Doulas who we would have at our own births.

  • We always offer to help you find evidence-based informational support that honors your personal choices and answers your questions. Your Doula should know where to find the highest quality research on pregnancy, birth and parenting practices... for that matter, your care providers should too! But, that's just how WE practice, and our standards are pretty high. We want you to feel informed and in-control of the decisions you make for your family, not bombarded by red-flags and bullied.

  • We love to help our clients find resources and concierge arrangements. We will help you make appointments for the extra help you need and connect you to other professionals who can help outside our service expertise. We know physical therapists, counselors, chiropractors, or even places to get the best healthy meals, and many other people and service providers who can help make your pregnancy and newborn transition easier.

We understand that there's a lot that goes into choosing a Doula, like budget, referral, or just really connecting with a Doula you talk to in-person or over the phone.  Here are some things we offer at Momentum Wellness and Learning that not everyone can, and we're pretty proud of!

  • Shannon is a LAMAZE Certified Childbirth Educator and an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. This means she can privately offer customized and thorough childbirth education to all her Doula clients privately or in group classes, and help families choose the care provider and place of birth that's right for them. People are often confused, overwhelmed, or noncompliant with their providers' suggestions, especially when medical complications arise, and we think it's important to be able to research and advocate for tough decisions. We are happy to be able to help with that in an unbiased and supportive way.

  • Shannon is a mom of four kids who has supported every kind of pregnancy and birth for 13 years and who has personally had high risk pregnancies, natural birth, induced birth, and waterbirth. She understands very personally that one-size DOES NOT fit all. She values individualized health and medical choice and knows better than anyone that we all just do the best we can - BUT we do better with empowerment, knowledge and support.

  • Our other co-owner, Alisa is an RN and IBCLC and has been teaching nurses and parents about childbirth for over 10 years. She's a breastfeeding expert and an excellent teacher and support person. Shannon and Alisa make a complimentary team of consumer educators and advocates with a winning combination of medical and support background in maternal health, so Shannon always has another expert with a different perspective to lean on and her local Doula clients get the best breastfeeding help and support they could ask for.

  • Shannon is a Registered Prenatal Yoga Specialist through Yoga Alliance brought up in the Blooma Yoga school of practice that honors preparation for birth through the mind-body-breath connection and the opportunity to connect and bond with your Baby even before he has journeyed to your arms. Not all Doula clients opt for yoga classes, but Shannon brings breath awareness and physical movement to all of her clients' preparation for birth! Whether that be in addressing the weekly discomforts of pregnancy, or preparing for labor and pain management, the ability to settle the nervous system is a life-long lesson and pregnancy is the perfect time to begin.

Momentum has TONS to offer our Doula clients!  Read more below to choose a package that's right for you.

Momentum Community Doula

$800 + classes

  • 1 Baby Plan home visit

  • Attendance in active labor and birth at home/hospital and immediate postpartum assistance

  • 1 Welcome Home visit

  • Evidence Based Birth® Parent Log-In

  • Free breastfeeding and parenting groups


Momentum Community Doula Package
from 920.00
I want a DOULA + Momentum Community

If you live locally or travel to our Momentum Prenatal Yoga classes or Childbirth Education classes, you qualify for a Momentum Community Doula rate plus 10% off of those classes.  You must purchase 12 yoga classes or the Evidence Based Birth® childbirth classes to qualify.  For about the same cost as a Private Doula package, you can opt to become a part of our class community which has the added benefits of

  • group activities with families who are also pregnant and preparing for baby

  • plenty of in-person opportunity for discussion and asking question

  • access to the Momentum free library full of books on childbirth, parenting, feeding, sleep and yoga

  • the physical and mental benefits of weekly yoga classes that are customized to your growing and changing body

  • develop a personal relationship with our other Momentum founder, Alisa Williams. Alisa is a childbirth educator, a nurse with over 10 years experience in labor and delivery, a natural health nut, and a private Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In other words, she's our healthcare and breastfeeding guru!

  • Add on 12 yoga classes (+$165) and/or Evidence Based Birth® childbirth classes (+$299) - 6 classes to prepare you for natural or interventive labor and birth with partner support plus breastfeeding, newborn and postpartum care. Both at a 10% discount with a Momentum Community Doula contract.

Private Doula


More private consultation and support time that fits into your schedule.

Private Doula Package
I need a private DOULA!

This package is designed for first time parents, parents who are "starting over" (haven't had a baby in 5 - 10 years), and parents who want a "better birth" or a birth with less medical management than a previous experience.

  • 2 Birth + Baby Plan Home Visits to prepare your family for your Birth Day and bringing home Baby. This is approximately 6 - 10 hours of education and planning depending on what your family needs and may be divided into three visits.

  • Labor attendance at your home and/or Birth Place as outlined in our planning visits.

  • Birth attendance through your first one to two hours learning to feed and snuggle your baby.

  • 2 postpartum Welcome Home Visits for extra household help, breastfeeding support, Beginner Human coaching, debriefing your birth or emotional support - whatever you need. Each visit is scheduled for about 3 hours and will accommodate your home schedule and needs.

  • Evidence Based Birth® Parent Modules Log-In for access to the latest and greatest research on childbirth practices.

Experienced Parent


Private consultation and support time that fits into your schedule, for parents who learned some lessons from last time they had a Baby.  Add more support hours later if you need them!

Experienced Parent Doula Package
Know Better Doula Better.

This package is designed for families who have had a recent labor/birth/postpartum experience and just want to modify, refresh, replay, or "tweak" for Baby #2+. Maybe you had a great natural labor and birth, but were a mess with a new baby at home, or maybe you rocked your newborn, but feel like your birth could have been really different. These are the types of reasons parents tend seek a Doula for their second or third babies.  It's totally normal!  We sit down together and make a plan based on the do's and don'ts of your last birth, talk about how to prepare differently, and work together with your partner on a new plan - this only takes one prenatal visit usually.  Then we have a Welcome Home visit right after the birth to make sure everything is getting off on the right foot and you can add more postpartum visits if you need to!

  • 1 Birth + Baby Plan home visit to prepare your family for your Birth Day and bringing home Baby. This is approximately 3 - 4 hours of review education and planning depending on what your family needs..

  • Labor attendance at your home and/or Birth Place as outlined in our planning visits.

  • Birth attendance through your first one to two hours learning to feed and snuggle your baby.

  • 1 postpartum Welcome Home Visits scheduled for about 3 hours and will accommodate your home schedule and needs.

  • Evidence Based Birth® Parent Modules Log-In for access to the latest and greatest research on childbirth practices.

Repeat Clients


Repeat Doula Client
I need a DOULA... again!

Clients returning to Shannon for Doula care are familiar with her availability and style and qualify for a reduced rate which may include

  • an optional interactive group refresher class for Natural Labor and Birth

  • 1 Birth + Baby Plan home visit

  • Labor and Birth attendance as previously described (and experienced!)

  • 1 Welcome Home visit

  • Evidence Based Birth® Parent Modules Log In

  • 10% off group or private prenatal yoga classes

Customized Doula Package

Not finding exactly the combination of service that you need?  Contact us at to customize your Birth+Baby Plan and Welcome Home visits to modify the pricing of your package, or to get a customized price with private yoga classes.


Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions are available.  They would be in your home, on your schedule.  Includes aromatherapy, labor/birth preparation, grounding, asana for relaxation and improvement of physical comfort.  Styles: Restorative (available as a couple!), BirthPrepBabyBond Session, Hatha.

  • Restorative, 90 minutes $75, Couple $85

  • Hatha and BPBB, 60 minutes, $60. 4X = $200

Extra support hours for Birth + Baby planning and prep or for postpartum support is $25-$35 per hour.  I usually offer this to my postpartum clients on an as needed basis, but contract out to a postpartum doula for extensive hourly needs.  I only work with postpartum doulas who are not on call for or working as a birth doula so that I know they can give my clients undivided attention.  As I am often on-call for births and would not want to leave a new parent without expected help due to attending a birth, I make sure my clients are contracted to a reliable person who will not be likely to cancel.  

A postpartum doula is a doula with education and background in newborn care, postpartum healing, and breastfeeding or infant feeding, and can perform normal daily tasks of meal preparation, shopping, household cleaning, and lifestyle management. They typically contract out larger hourly/weekly packages of 4 - 8 hours per day for one to several weeks.  They are sensitive to the needs of new parents, including physical healing and lack of sleep, and can educate parents on other useful care tips like baby massage and bonding and calming and soothing, or practices that aid healing for new mothers like herbal baths and tea or belly binding.  These interests vary among postpartum doulas.