Purchase our series of 6 birth and baby basics classes, an individual Wednesday night class by topic, or any number of classes.  Take your chosen classes over the course of your pregnancy and into your first months with baby.

Childbirth Preparation and Education

The Momentum Series: Birth and Baby Basics

The Momentum Series, is an innovative way to present childbirth and parenting preparation to modern families.  Choose 1 - 6 class topics, available with weeknight or Saturday options, and knock them out 6 weeks in a row, do some on Saturdays, or through the 3 trimesters of your pregnancy - you choose!  Accessible, flexible, and convenient for First-Time Parents or parents looking to review specific topics before a new baby.

Check calendar for class topic and details. 

Class topics include:
1) Labor {of Love}
2) Support and Comfort for Labor and Birth
3) Birthing Your Baby
4) ParTners/Parents: Care of Self and Each Other
5) Breastfeeding Basics
6) Beginner Human Instruction Manual {Caring for Your Newborn}

Add in additional workshops, like Back-to-Work Breastfeeding or Friends and Family CPR, at a discounted price when you enroll in all 6 classes.  Workshops are listed below.

Wisdom wednesdays


Join us every and any Wednesday for a class in childbirth preparation or Beginner Human life!  Classes are every Wednesday from 6:30 - 9:00p and feature a different topic, rotating in a series of 6 topics for a complete childbirth education curriculum.  Families may build their own curriculum by picking the classes they need to create their best experience, or take all six classes.  For even more flexibility, classes can be mixed with Saturday options.  Parents who enroll at the beginning of pregnancy could have 10 months to take all 6 classes and add plus workshops that get them all the info they need, ensuring that something along the way will fit into their busy schedules!  Parents just needing refresher courses because they have already had a baby can just take the classes that they need.  We are happy to consult on which classes you should take for your unique circumstance. 

Saturday Intensives


Momentum Saturday I - 3 Pack*

  • Includes Labor {of Love}, Birthing Your Baby, and Support and Comfort for Labor and Birth

Momentum Saturday II - 3 Pack*

  • Includes Beginner Human Instruction Manual, Breastfeeding Basics, and Friends and Family CPR.

*Can be combined for Momentum Super 6, or part of Momentum 9 Series.




Momentum Series: Birth and Baby Basics
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We've got this!

This is our best deal!  The entire Momentum Education Series covers your life from pregnancy through the newborn experience. Classes are flexible and accessible, as well as fun and informative.

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Momentum Workshops

We offer workshops that cover specialized topics to supplement our Momentum Birth and Baby Basics Series for parents, or to further education for community service providers and birth pros.  

For Parents and Support Persons

Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth for Parents

Pregnancy Changes and Choices

Friends and Family CPR

Back to Work Breastfeeding

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Water Birth

Soothe and Sleep


For Community and Birth Pros

Basic Life Support Certification

Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth for Pros