Thank You!

We just wanted to write a big Thanks to our customers and friends.

Alisa and I officially began our services in January here in Edwardsville, Illinois.  We are past our first quarter, and we just can't tell you how enthusiastic we continue to be about providing Prenatal Yoga, Childbirth Education and Support, and Lactation Services in our hometown.  We continue to hear comments like "what would we have done without you!?" and "it is so important that you are HERE," and it humbles us to our core every day.

We are so thankful for the moms who come to us looking to stay in shape with prenatal yoga, and  then invest in our childbirth classes and then breastfeeding support because they know we care.  It gives us the opportunity to learn their whole story, from a tiny bump to a baby, and give them support that is appropriate to exactly what they've experienced and who they are.

As Mompreneurs, we are working through the life balance thing.  Running your dream business is a lot of work, but it's so much better with a fantastic partner!  Alisa and I have different backgrounds, but we both value serving our clients with customized services and evidence-based information and support, and our experiences are so complimentary.  Honestly, we could spend all day just doing client care and having new moms in for tea, and we look forward to the day when we can hire people to do admin work, and accounting, and social media, so we can spend all our time laughing and crying with growing families!  As for now, we are paying our dues building the foundation of how we run our business, which includes being honest, productive citizens and setting an example of the balance we ask of our clients.  That's the hard part!  When you are as excited about a business as we are, you could just dive in - there's SO MUCH TO DO, but we must practice what we preach.  We must breathe.  We must not sacrifice important moments with our families.  We must practice self-care and take care of each other too!  We want to have It All - and I'm not talking about vacation homes and 10 pairs of Jimmy Choos.  We want most of our moments to be full of goodness and connection, with our community, our partners, and our children.  We want to set an example of sustainable service, community connection, and thriving family.

So thank you!  Thanks for making the first half of our first year amazing.  Thanks for bringing us your questions and trusting us with your stories.  Thanks for sitting in our classrooms.  Thank you for letting us laugh with your partners and hold your babies!  Thank you for letting us breathe with you and feeling safe enough to shed tears with us.  We are so grateful to be HERE.